The Reluctant Armchair Auditor

Sorting spending fact from fiction

Why the world needs a reluctant armchair auditor

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Frankly, at my time of life I have better things to do than muck about nosing through the tidal wave of ‘stuff’ the government is now shovelling out of virtually every door and window. But I’m more that a little ticked off that the government apparently thinks rigorous and effective audit of public spending can be outsourced to any gaggle of saloon-bar pundits.

I’m a finance professional and I’ve been an auditor. Politicians’ rhetoric about wanting an army of armchair auditors has got so far up my hooter that I’ve reluctantly dragged myself out of the comfort of my semi-retired armchair. My intentions?

Twofold. Firstly, to campaign for ‘real audit’. Secondly, to be a bloody nuisance. If we are going to rely on armchair auditors then let’s at least give them the tools to do the job. That doesn’t mean treating us like mushrooms.

I’m going to nose around the ‘stuff’ that’s piling up around this army of armchair auditors and see what, if anything, can be made of it.

It’s not how I envisaged spending my sunset years but I’ve long operated under the maxim that anyone who agitates to get a job ought, almost without exception, to be forcibly excluded from doing the thing they want to do. Look at the political classes and you’ll catch my drift. That’s why I am reluctant and proud.


Written by reluctantarmchairauditor

November 21, 2010 at 10:00 am

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